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I authorize SuperStar 4 Life (a.k.a. MASOS, Inc.) to charge me for the total shown below. I further affirm that the the credit card information provided on this form are true and correct.

I understand and agree that I am joining the SuperStar 4 Life Program's Base Level Monthly Membership and that I will be be charged a monthly subscription/membership rate of only $197 for a Single Location Membership, or a rate of only $297 for a Multiple Location Membership each and every month that I am a member.  (Please note that discounted membership rates may be offered from time to time by MASOS, Inc.)

I further declare that I have read, understand and accept SuperStar 4 Life's business terms as published on the website.

I understand that I may cancel my SuperStar 4 Life License/Subscription at any time, for any reason WITH A 30 DAY WRITTEN NOTICE by submitting a request cancellation at

I also understand and agree that should I cancel my SuperStar 4 Life License/Subscription at any time, for any reason, I am no longer legally permitted to use the SuperStar 4 Life curriculum, digital files, mat chats, missions, logos, social media content, pictures, videos, audio, etc.

I understand that should I choose to cancel my SuperStar 4 Life License/Subscription, I might NOT be permitted to re-join at a later date.


SuperStar 4 Life is 100% Risk Free, NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Get Started with SuperStar 4 Life and Be Completely Comfortable Knowing that you have a Full & Complete 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason What-So-Ever!  Any time within the first 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of the SuperStar 4 Life Character Development System, simply email us at and let us know that you’d like a refund and we’ll do so immediately.

 After the initial 30 days, should you ever want to cancel your SuperStar 4 Life membership, you are not tied to a long term contract…we offer a very easy 30 day cancellation policy for any reason!

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