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New Members - How do I get started?

How do I log in to my SuperStar 4 Life account?

I forgot what account I used when I joined SuperStar 4 Life

I logged in to my account... What do I do next?

How do I contact the SuperStar 4 Life if I have questions?

Membership Details and Benefits

What is included with my membership?

What are Life Skills Themes?

How Member Points Work!

What are Member Points?

How do I get more Member Points?

How do I use my Member Points?

How can I check my Member Points Balance?

Can I purchase extra Member Points?

How to access your Life Skills Campaign Materials

Where can I find the Theme Campaigns that I purchased?

I accidentally downloaded the same Campaign twice

Why is there a download limit set on the files in my account?

Don't forget to check your members section for new materials!

Managing Your Monthly Subscription

Checking your Subscription Status

Updating Your Credit Card on File

Cancelling your Membership

I accidentally cancelled my membership

Ordering BeltStripes and Wrist Bands

How can I order BeltStripes and Wrist Bands for my Students?